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Stop Smoking Hypnosis for Men

3.01 usd

Nearly Ten people die form smoking every SECOND!A world-wide survey which surveyed over 72,000 smokers found that Hypnosis was the most effective form of smoking cessation over any other method. Will power alone had a success rate of only six percent.Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy application design specifically for Men. This application takes into account the way men think and behave.
Motivation is one key to stopping smoking so it makes sense a smoking cessation recording should program men separately to women as their psyches are driven in different ways.
One reason why Hypnotherapy is so successful in smoking cessation is due to its ability to access the unconscious mind where our behaviours are based.Some of the key benefits of smoking cessation are that in only four days all traces of nicotine will be gone from your body, it's both encouraging and motivational to notice these benefits as one goes along. Below are the facts about how your body will change.